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Goodprisoner.com (Our Big Brother Site) - Men in prison seeking pen pals.

InmatesForYou.com - (EMAIL REQUIRED) Lots of outdated female prisoner profiles and they require you to give your email address in exchange for the female prisoner's address... hmmm, now what could they possibly want with your email? Sold! Sold! Sold!

Cowtown aka Jailbabes - (FREE) Interesting Website Names for a female prison pen pal site; Cows or Babes? It's not a well designed website BUT they do have female prisoners who are looking for pen pals and at the end of the day that is what counts - females.

MeetAnInmate.com - (FREE) They have been around for a while, nothing fancy or exciting but they do have female prisoners who are looking for pen pals and the site does not charge for the female prisoner's address.

WomenBehindBars.com - (PAYMENT REQUIRED) Not well designed and they are charging money for many of the female prisoners' addresses... "Add to Cart" and "Proceed to Check out" buttons where her address should be.

Write a Prisoner.com - (FREE) Good Design and the female addresses are free but you have to sort through a lot of nonsense information & webpages before getting to the good part... walls of text on many pages, dramatic, serious ...sit up straight at your computer, no playing around! Seriously. No, Seriously?

PrisonPenpals.com - (FREE) Grandma! Been online since 1996 and it looks like it. They still refer to page views as "hits"... Walls of text on many web pages and you must sort through lots of nonsense pages before getting to the good parts - female addresses. From the Homepage you have to click past 4 or 6 pages before seeing a single prisoner. Get some coffee or some of that 5-hour Energy stuff before viewing.

ConvictMailbag.com - (FREE) Abandoned website... still online to run ads; hottest women were released in 2009... When certain pages are opened there is an ANNOYING REDIRECT or POP UP to some other site.


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